May 7, 2018

Speeding up your API calls with goroutines

I recently started working on an API client with command line tools for called tenago. is a cloud based vulnerability assessment solution based on Nessus. The application consists of two main components: A client API Command line utilities to perform tasks such as querying all your assets, target groups, etc. Everything was going fine until I wrote a feature that queries all configured scans. The function requires that one GET request is sent to the API server for each configured scan ID. Read more

April 27, 2018

Quickly Converting Suppression to Filtering Rules Using Burp in USM Anywhere

The suggested method for creating filtering rules in USM Anywhere is to start by creating suppression rules. Events that get suppressed by any given rule are still stored in USM Anywhere but get hidden from event views. The advantage with suppression rules is that you can first make sure that your rules work as expected before creating filtering rules, as filtered events do not get stored or processed. If you want to see if your suppression rules are working as expected, you would simply go to an events view and add a new filter called “Suppress Rule Name”: Read more

April 26, 2018

A Simple InfoSec & AppSec Blog

This blog is meant to be a simple site that focuses on security and programming content. Rather than focusing on creating fancy sites I want to spend my time sharing information that I have found valuable. The main content that you will find is security focused (InfoSec & AppSec).

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